What are the pit bikes available in the marketplace? How to pick the best pit bike? Could pit bikes be used in pavements? Where can I buy pit bikes that are automatic? What is the difference between an electric pit bike and gas pit bike? Are pit bikes street legal? What is a pit dirt bike? What are the best pit bike motor brands for the money? Are electric pit bikes dangerous? What is the moderate speed of a pit bike?

What’s The Best Pit Bike For Kids?

Choose pit bike engines of smaller size that would be suitable for beginners. Automatic pit bikes would be a perfect choice for beginners. Choosing the appropriate pit bike engine for your kid will be the first significant factor to be considered. Irrespective of the brand at first the child should find it comfortable to sit and should be able to balance. Some of the best pit bike brands for kids are yamaha, kawasaki, and honda. Do a little bit of research and comparison of best brands before buying a pit bike.

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How Fast Does A Pit Bike Go?

  • Pit Bike Engine: Pit bike engine type is responsible for the speed. 110cc pit bike engine offers speed of about 40mph to 50mph. 125cc pit bike engine provides a rate of about 45 mph to 55 mph. The 140cc engine gives 60mph to 70mph. 150cc offers 65 mph to 70mph.
  • Best Pit Bike Motor: Best pit bike engine are the ones which give the maximum speed and should be comfortable to ride. Crf50 pit bike motor equipped with a 200cc large engine which gives maximum speed.
  • Pit Bike Racer: Crf50 pit bikes are commonly used for racing purpose by expert pit bike racers. Pit bikes widely used for practicing in the pits to take part in racing. Use dirt bikes after rigorous practice made in pit bikes.
  • Fastest Pit Bike Motor: Pit bike engine provides the ultimate speed with large engines and suitable sprocket gearing mechanism.
  • Custom Pit Bike Motor: Custom pit bike engine are available which are best designed to suit the needs of the customers.

What Types Of Safe Pit Bike Can You Get?

Safe crf50 pit bike motors equipped with automatic transmission is easy to use. Handlebars should be reachable and should be perfect for riding upright. Seats of the pit bike has to be comfortable and adjustable. Pit bike shock is absorbed and is safe if the horsepower rating and the torque is appropriate.

Kids Motorcycle

Kid’s motorcycle like coolster 125 pit bike motor is easily affordable with semi-automatic transmission. Pit bike comprises of front and rear hydraulic disc brake mechanism. Coolster 125 pit bike provides top speed with required acceleration. Coolster 125 pit bike well designed with heavy duty steel frame with semi-auto clutch. Kids coolster 125 pit bike would be perfect for beginners to get trained to move on to the next level of using a dirt bike. Adults and small teens could use it with ease. Coolster 125 pit bike shock provides more excellent balance and stability while riding it. Coolster 125 pit bike is street legal.


Kids Motorcycle


Pit Bike For Racing

Pit Bike For Racing

Crf50 pit bikes used for motocross racing and dirt bikes are quite expensive when compared to pit bikes. Availability of cheap custom pit bike motors in the marketplace helps to get into practice. Pit bike tire is rigid with engraved patterns to handle the muddy regions. Gas pit bikes are better than electric pit bikes because of the shelf life. Custom pit bikes are perfect for indoor and outdoor racing.


Production Pit Bikes

Bbr production pit bike motors mainly manufactured in china. Rims of the pit bikes are made of aluminum alloy to provide a stable ride in the dirt. Fork tubes and exhaust system made of high-quality steel. Bbr automatic pit bike manufacturing cost is very less. Bbr production bike meets all the customer specification. Production pit bike motors are durable, stable and well equipped with upgraded components. Pit bikes provides greater balance, affordable and delivers high performance.


Production Pit Bikes


Japanese Children’s Mini-Cycles

Japanese Children’s Mini-Cycles

Japanese mini automatic pit bike motor comes with 110 cc with the manual starting system. Hydraulic disc brakes help in the instant stopping of the vehicle. Most of the japanese dirt bike comes with the right front and rear suspension. Japanese dirt bikes are not suitable for if you are looking for a bike with a long shelf life. Best pit bike motor at an affordable price is better than the japanese children’s mini-cycles. Japanese children’s mini-cycles upgraded as per the user’s needs. The only disadvantage is add-on cost would be more.


Summary Of Types Of Pit Bikes

Pit bikes mainly used on-road and off-road trails. Automatic pit bike used for various purposes in various trail paths. Custom pit bike motor could be used for driving in streets and for performing stunts. Pit bike supermoto is perfect for racing. Mini fmx pit bikes used for performing street tricks.

What Are The Best Budget-friendly Pit Bikes?

Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying A Budget-friendly Automatic Pit Bike Is:

Pit bikes are smaller versions of dirt bikes. Choosing best pit bike motor would be suitable for both on-road and off-road trails is the first thing. Best pit bikes are available at an affordable price with well-equipped power engines.

Review the features and prices carefully before buying one. Speed is the vital factor especially if you are buying it for racing purpose. Pit bikes exclusively designed for experts and professionals. So buying best pit bikes for beginners is very important.

1. Coolster 125cc Pit Bike

Coolster 125cc street legal pit bike motor comes with 125cc air cooled engine which gives the speed of about 40-45mph. Pit bike engine type is air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder. Coolster 125cc pit bike comes with kick start mechanism, manual clutch, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Pit bike shock provides instant stopping and easy control. Coolster 125cc pit bike is one among the fastest pit bike.

Coolster 125cc pit bike is a road-legal pit bike with little safety features. Coolster 125 pit bike designed with strong shock suspension which provides a comfortable ride. Coolster 125cc pit bike is suitable for all terrains and delivers a beautiful riding experience.

Coolster 125cc Pit Bike


2. Taotao Db17 125cc Dirt Bike For Kids Cheap Dirt Bikes

Taotao db17 125cc dirt bike features include single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled 125cc engine with 4-speed gear mechanism. Pit bike wheels are wide enough to provide a stronger balance. Taotao db17 125cc dirt bike is the same as that of coolster 125cc pit bike motor vehicle. Brake mechanism includes hydraulic disc handbrake and footbrake.

Fastest pit bike engines with 125cc, 1 cylinder, 4 stroke air-cooled engines are the perfect choice for buying at an affordable price. Taotao db17 125cc dirt bike is elegant with a good suspension. Street legal pit bikes are easily accessible with warranty and replacement parts also doesn’t cost that much.

Taotao Db17 125cc Dirt Bike For Kids Cheap Dirt Bikes


3. Tao Tao Db10 Dirt Bike

Tao tao db10 street legal pit bike engine features include 1-cylinder, 4-stroke 110cc engine. Pit bike swingarm helps with the mounting of the wheels in a pit bike. Pit bike swingarm is the vital feature of the suspension fork to handle the bumps and provide balance and a comfortable ride.

Tao Tao DB10 is the best gas Pit Bike for kids. Tao Tao Pit Bikes are highly reliable and affordable with safety features. Tao Tao Pit Bikes are similar to Coolster Pit Bikes Motors. Tao Tao Pit Bike Comes with Training wheels which are perfect for Beginners to practicing.

Tao Tao Db10 Dirt Bike


Summary Of The Budget Pit Bikes

Many budget-friendly street legal pit bike motors, are available at an affordable price. The main factor to consider is engine should be durable and pit bike should be lightweight for handling it efficiently. Pit bike wheels should be suitable for adults and kids. Fuel capacity and a smooth ride are the main factors to consider.

Top 10 Best Pit Bikes From Our Experts

1. 49cc 50cc Black 2-stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

49cc & 50cc pit bike motors comes with a 2-stroke engine to provide an efficient ride. Pit bikes are durable and can handle off-roads at ease. Be it gravel or smooth road or a dirt pit mini pit bikes can ace it. Air-cooled engine has an extended 2-stroke engine mechanism which makes the pit bike long-lasting. Pit bikes are easy to operate, pull the rope and just hit the throttle for a fun ride.

Gas pit bike tires are heavily coated with anti-rust elements to prevent it from rusting. Pit bike wheels contribute much speed when accelerated. Pit bike front wheels are broader than that of the rear wheels. Best gas pit bike tires can manage extreme conditions providing proper balance. Gas pit bikes provides excellent traction on all terrains. Best pit bikes comes with flexible components to provide high comfort and stability.

Gas pit bike tires are composed of large patterns to provide a better grip to resist from sliding. Gas pit bike spokes helps in handling the bumps and rough surfaces by providing maximum flexibility. Pit bike tires avoids getting punctured at rough terrains. Best pit bikes with excellent suspension used for motocross racing. Riding a pit bike would be easy when compared to riding a dirt bike.


  • Pit Bike Features: Available in 49cc and 50cc air-cooled,1-cylinder,2-stroke semi automatic transmission.
  • Custom Pit Bike: Equipped with front and rear disc brakes with 25:1 fuel ratio. Pit bike carburettor maintains the proper air-fuel ratio to run the pit bike efficiently.
  • Pit Bike Motor: Pit bike delivers maximum speed of about 25 mph and comes 90% assembled. All you have to do is adjust the handlebars and wheel bolts if needed.
  • Street Legal Pit Bike: Pit bikes are completely street legal and easily affordable. It is not recommended to use it in public highways.
  • Pit Bike Racer: Suitable for pit bike racers with increased horsepower and responsive control of brakes and accelerations. Requires a bit of mechanical knowledge to operate it at terrains.


49cc 50cc Black 2-stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike


2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green

Apollo db-x18 125cc street legal pit bike comes in various classic colors. Pit bike engine features include a 4-stroke, single-cylinder 125cc engine. Speed varies based on the adverse road conditions. Air cooled mechanism resists the engine from getting heated up much. Drivetrain transmission provides 4 speed manual clutch. Single- cylinder in the pit bike engine operates efficiently to deliver the maximum power. Pit bike engines are durable and affordable replacing it would not cost much.

Single cylinder pit bike engines are narrow and lightweight and would be perfect for everyday commuting. Most iconic and powerful pit bike engines are highly responsive and provide the maximum torque. Best pit bikes are highly compatible and easy to ride with the help of high-performance engine. Pit bikes are easier to maintain and they don’t produce much noise. High suspensions and the hydraulic brakes paves the way for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Choosing the right pit bike is essential even if it is available at a cheaper rate. Pit bikes has to be comfortable and provide the vital speed required for commuting or racing. 4-stroke engine mechanism offers smooth and reliable power delivery, unlike 2-stroke mechanism which provides a discrete power supply. Four-stroke pit bike engine requires minimal maintenance if the engine oil is changed frequently and maintained well.


Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green


  • Pit Bike Engine Features: 4-stroke, single cylinder 125cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine. Ideal for beginners and kids.
  • Pit Bike Transmission: Pit bike comes with 4-speed manual clutch with non-adjustable 320mm rear suspension and 760mm front suspension.
  • Pit Bike Dimensions: Seat height is about 36.5,” and the rear wheel is about 14”.Tank capacity is about 1 gallon.
  • Pit Bike Brakes: Pit bike brakes comprises of front and rear hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes manufactured at an affordable price delivering high-quality performance.
  • Pit Bike Wheels: Pit bike tires are usually full and the front tire is slightly bigger than rear wheels.


2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green

Coolster pit bike engine assures top speed with high acceleration even though it comprises of a slightly smaller frame. Coolster 125cc pit bike motor ensures all the essential safety features and it is affordable. Coolster pit bike would be suitable for heavy-duty purposes and motocross trail riding purposes. Many pit bikes with several options are available. Coolster pit bike is a good quality bike well equipped with reliable and durable components.

Coolster 125cc pit bike comes partially assembled and it’s quite simple to set up the rest. Using a coolster pit bike needs a bit of mechanical knowledge to handle it. Riding a coolster 125cc pit bike is fun, exciting and easy to handle at any surface. 125cc engine helps in riding in motocross rough terrains smoothly. Coolster 125cc pit bike motor has a fantastic fuel capacity.

Pit bike tires consists of wheel frames made of strong alloy which is lightweight and efficient. Pit bike wheel frames and padded seats are spacious enough to provide a comfortable ride even at top-speed. Investing in high-quality safety equipment is also essential to save your life. Coolster 125cc pit bike motors high performance would surprise the experts as well as kids. Coolster 125cc pit bike is a top-quality bike which is worth the money.


  • Pit Bike Engine Features: 4-stroke, single cylinder 125cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine. Easy for users with a bit of mechanical knowledge to operate it at ease.Vailable in 49cc and 50cc air-cooled,1-cylinder,2-stroke semi automatic transmission.
  • Pit Bike Suspension: Coolster 125cc pit bikes comes with non-adjustable 760mm front suspension and 320mm rear suspension.
  • Pit Bike Motor: Coolster pit bike gives a speed of about 50 mph with manual transmission with a large extent of easy control.
  • Easy Control: Pit bikes are easier to use and would be perfect for local tracks and with a lot of practice used around the pits and motocross race.
  • Pit Bike Carburetor: Coolster pit bike carburetor increases the horsepower and gives the maximum speed. Allows good airflow for the bike and works like a charm available at all marketplaces.


Dirt Bike Coolster 125cc Engine Klx Style Db214fc


4. Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch

Coolster pit bike motor designed with 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled 125cc engine. Coolster pit bike would be ideal for 10 to 15 years old kids. Gasoline-powered pit bike engine is suitable for kids which can go pretty fast and very easy to ride. Basic knowledge about standard manual clutch is enough for riding it. Coolster 125cc pit bike comes partially assembled with a semi-auto clutch where you could find the shift at the bottom.

Maintaining coolster 125cc pit bike is easy by changing the oil frequently. The appropriate holding of the throttle and maintaining a steady pace is very simple. Coolster 125cc pit bike provides a firm grip which would be best suitable for kids and beginners. Coolster pit bike comes in elegant color and shapes with all the essential features that are needed. For beginners pit bikes with cheap price range is better.

Coolster 125cc pit bike wheel size might be larger or smaller depends upon the brand. Coolster bike wheels would be more significant to tackle the bumpy roads with greater resistance and stability power. Torque and power performance is found to be the best in coolster pit bikes. Sharp turns and easy control of brakes and gears are an added advantage of pit bikes. High torque obtained from the gear mechanism in coolster 125cc pit bike.


Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch


  • Coolster Pit Bike Features:4-stroke, single cylinder 125cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine.
  • Pit Bike Maximum Speed: Coolster pit bike provides a maximum speed of about 40-45 mph and maximum load is about 220lbs.
  • Pit Bike Brakes: Well equipped with front and rear disc brakes and the wheelbase is about 43 inches.
  • Pit Bike Wheels: Pit bike wheels are durable in such a way that the brakes can work effectively. Pit bike wheel rims are strong and coated with anti-rust properties to resist it from getting corroded.
  • Pit Bike Torque: A rigorous acceleration achieves top speed in normal bikes, but in pit bike you don’t have to strain much to bring high speed. Pit bikes provides high power and torque comparatively.


5. Flying Horse 2-Stroke Pit Bike

Flying horse pit bike is a 2-stroke 49cc engine with single cylinder air-cooled mechanism. Gas pit bike comes in a bright red color with black fitted frames and is 90% assembled. A little bit of assembling required like adjusting handlebars, tightening of bolts in the wheels, adjusting disc brakes and fuelling it up. Manufacturer warranty of about 6 months is provided with lifetime service.

Best pit bikes have high-quality components like shock absorbers. Shock absorbers improves the riding quality and helps to handle the vehicle properly by handling rough surfaces. Shock absorbers cuts down unwanted high suspension movements. Shock absorbers provides effective grip and balance in the road. Controlling tire movements, steering and braking are the significant features of shock absorbers. Rear shock absorbers work on a coil spring mechanism. Shock absorbers ensures the safety of the vehicle.

Flying horse pit bike has another fascinating feature, equipped with kill switch safety mechanism. Kill switch is nothing but an emergency force stop of the vehicle. Kill switch turns off the vehicle without causing any damage. Kill switch is not only used as an emergency force stop as a security mechanism in case of any thefts. Kill switch cuts down the spark by terminating the ignition voltage supply.


  • Pit Bike Engine Features:2-stroke 49cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine. Pit bike comes 90% assembled.
  • Enhanced Pit Bike: Pit bike comprises of strong black frame which is lightweight and used for long travel. The rear shock absorber provides a smooth commute by tackling the bumpy roads.
  • Pit Bike Add-ons: Equipped with rear shock absorber and kill switch to handle emergencies.
  • Centrifugal Clutch: High amount of power and torque transmitted by using the centrifugal clutch. Centrifugal clutch in pit bike is easier to maintain.
  • Pit Bike Warranty: Pit bike comes with 6 month manufacturer warranty and lifetime service.


Flying Horse 2-Stroke Pit Bike


6. Honda CRF110F

Honda crf 110f is best suitable for beginners and perfectly tuned with 4-stroke single cylinder 109 cc air cooled engine. Pgm-fi fuel mechanism ensures smooth delivery of power and secure handling of the pit bike. A pit bike is easy to operate with led indicators to check whether the ignition is on or the fuel is low. Indicates if the gas level is going down.

Pit bike comes with 4-speed gearbox with automatic clutch mechanism. Hassle-free driving is assured with this well designed sophisticated model. Adjustable throttle provides the option of safeguarding pit bikes from children’s. Pit bike feature includes electrical start button along with kickstart for backup usage. Pit bikes are not too noisy when compared to dirt bikes. Honda pit bikes are safe to ride and are suitable for kids as well as experts.

Honda crf110f pit bike seats are adjustable and the handlebars are strong griped which ensures a comfortable ride. Extended muffler cover in the pit bike provides additional safety for the rider. Pit bikes are more stable and provide more excellent traction even in rough trails. Ignition switch acts as an anti-theft security system by restricting unauthorized use. Handlebar pad fixed for additional protection for beginners.


Honda CRF110F


  • Pit Bike Features: Single cylinder,4-stroke 109cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine. It comes 90% assembled perfectly for beginners.
  • High Power Delivery: High speed delivered with pgm-fi fuel injection. Pit bike gears shifted quickly and the speed could be controlled efficiently with efficient brake mechanism.
  • Pit Bike Add-on Features: Pit bike comes with 3 led light indicators. Led indicates the low fuel, ignition on status and pgm-fi status.
  • Easy Maintenance: Honda bikes are easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is also not much.
  • Pit Bike Control: Honda pit bike comes with parental control to safeguard children from misusing it. Throttles are adjustable with easy electric start and kickstart is also fixed.


7. Ktm 350 Sx-f 2011

Ktm 350 road legal pit bike comes in a classic orange color outlook with amazing features. Pit bike wheels are broad and substantial which can handle the bumpy roads by lifting the vehicle. High suspension forks and the frames made of high-quality. Pit bike motor is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a minor displacement. Air-cooled engine helps with the cooling of the engine mechanism and safeguards the engine from getting it heated up.

Ktm 350 pit bike is a 5-speed transmission which comprises of 5-gears. Pit bike can adjust to the surface of the terrains by shifting the gears from highest to lowest within no time at all. Shifting of gear not only provides proper control of the vehicle but it also saves the fuel consumption. Higher the speed transmission the lower the maintenance cost would be. Ktm 350 sx-f pit bike is suitable for motocross racing.

Pit bike provides reliable torque while driving in the hills and provides maximum support to balance the bike. Manual changing of the gears no more needed with the automatic 5-speed transmission. Vibrations reduced with the help of front and the rear suspension. Pit bike motors doesn’t have to strain that much while traveling on smooth roads. Ktm 350 pit bikes are not heavier and they are affordable at a lower price.


  • Pit Bike Motor Features:Single cylinder,4-stroke 5-speed automatic transmission with air-cooled pit bike engine.
  • High Power Delivery: Provides a minimum speed of about 50 mph and the shifting of gears is so easy and effective hydraulic brake helps in instant stopping of the bike.
  • Pit Bike Materials: Pit bike components are entirely made of combining plastic and rubber.
  • Easy Maintenance: Ktm 350 pit bikes are easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is also not much. Parts are available at low cost and easily replaceable.
  • Pit Bike Warranty: Ktm pit bike comes with 30 days of warranty and replacement is provided in case of defects.


Ktm 350 Sx-f 2011


8. Tao Tao DB14 Pit Bike

Tao tao pit bike features wide tires and taller seats that makes it perfect for pit bike racers. Tao tao db 12 pit bikes can handle off-terrain surfaces and smooth trails. 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine is easy to ride and maintain. Pit bike comes in several colors with an urban touch. Designed with semi-automatic engine gear with chain drive transmission.

Best pit bike swinging arm provides a wide range of support. Pit bike rear shock with high suspension reduces the tension and tackles the bumpy road by making the wheels to float to give a smooth transmission. Semi-automatic transmission helps in using manual later after practicing this. Pit bikes are lightweight with dual brakes equipped in it. Four-stroke engine provides high speed and acceleration at off-road rough trails.

Pit bike has a padded seat to ensure a comfortable ride. Pit bike is 90% assembled and only a minor assembly is required, equipped with front and rear hydraulic brake for efficient controlling of the speed. High-quality suspension in the pit bike provides a smooth suspension. Tao tao db14 pit bikes mostly used for off-road trails. Pit bikes are fun and easy to ride with proper practice.


Tao Tao DB14 Pit bike


  • Pit Bike Features:Single cylinder,4-stroke 110cc speed with air-cooled pit bike engine. It comes 90% assembled perfectly for beginners.
  • Pit Bike Brakes: Advanced dual disc brake allows to slow down immediately keeping the pit bike balanced in the upright position.
  • Pit Bike With Hydraulic Suspension: Pit bike rear shock suspension provides a smoother ride and supports the weight of the vehicle reducing the excess weight. High suspension also reduces shaking of tires. Suspension forks easily handle loose suspensions and vibrations.
  • Rear Shock Suspension: Pit bike rear shock absorber produces hydraulic suspension makes the tire to bounce at gravel trails and rough terrains. Shock absorber delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Padded Seating: Cushioned seats provide a comfortable ride with high-quality pit bike swinging arm.


9. Gbmoto 2-stroke Gas Power Pit Bike

Gbmoto 2-stroke gas-powered pit bike designed with 49cc fully automatic performance engine. Best pit bike comes with a secure pull mechanism to start the vehicle. Speed governance is installed in pit bike to limit speeding up of the vehicle. Kill switch mechanism is also fixed to initiate sudden stopping of the vehicle and to safeguard the vehicle from theft. Pit bike tires are large and wide.

Pit bike with fully automatic transmission has the best brake mechanism. Single piston caliper provides stopping of the pit bike at the very spot without causing any friction. Extended muffler offers high performance and a stable ride. Front inverted spring provides high compression which is best for off-road riding. Pit bike fuel capacity is 0.26gallons with two-stroke engine oil. Pit bike provides a maximum speed of about 25 mph.

Front and rear wheel of the pit bike is made of strong aluminium alloy material. Shock absorber rear suspension is about 190.5mm. Pit bike frame manufactured from high-quality steel. Gbmoto 2-stroke gas power pit bike partially assembled with a simple assembly of front wheel and handlebar is needed. Pit bikes provides greater riding experience off-road. Best pit bike is well equipped with straight style steel swingarm.


  • Pit Bike Specifications: 2-stroke gas powered pit bike with 49cc speed engine with secure pull start system.
  • Pit Bike Add-on Features: Pit bike comes with speed governance to keep track of the speed and limit the speed to avoid accidents.
  • Pit Bike Suspensions: High suspension provided by the pit bike helps to ride the pit bike under any road conditions smoothly.
  • Pit Bike Wheels: Pit bike wheels are built strong and broad to make a smooth transmission without having to strain much on acceleration.
  • Pit Bike Front And Rear Shocks: Springs preloaded in the front shock absorber which provides high compression. Pit Bikes with reliable Front and rear shock absorbers offers a great Off-Road Riding experience.


Gbmoto 2-stroke Gas Power Pit Bike


10. Say Yeah Mini Pit Bike 49cc

Say yeah pit bike specially designed for kids with a 49cc air cooled 2 stroke engine. Pit bike gas tank can hold fuel up to 1.3liters. Pit bike gives maximum speed of about 15 mph. Product weight is about 60 lbs and the weight limit is about 265lbs. Say yeah pit bike offers 60 days parts replacement with 24 hours customer support and service.

Pit bike equipped with hand-operated rear disc brake making stopping much easier. Pit bike could ride up to 20-25 miles. Check whether the seat height would be appropriate and comfortable for riding. Train kids well with training wheels and then buy them a dirt bike. Check for the starter system and the speed while buying kids pit bike. Training wheels are readily available in the marketplace and used for practicing purpose.

Piranha pit bikes often come either with small wheels or huge wheels. Pit bikes with different wheel size has a difference in features like gearing, swingarm, and suspension. Bigger wheels could tackle bumpy roads they are often smooth and provides high stability. Smaller wheels allow quick as they are lightweight. Height is considered to choose between the two. 50cc engine pit bike would be suitable for kids and beginners.


Say Yeah Mini Pit Bike 49cc


  • Pit Bike Specifications:2 stroke 49cc air cooled engine with epa approval.
  • Pit Bike Engine: Pit bike 2 stroke engine provides the maximum power and is cheaper than 4-stroke. 2 stroke engines are faster and more reliable.
  • Pit Bike Wheels: Pit Bike Wheel frames made of durable aluminum alloy material to maintain stability and balance.
  • Pit Bike Brakes & Tires: Pit bike wheel frames made of durable aluminum alloy material to maintain stability and balance.
  • Pit Bike Speed: Pit bike provides a maximum speed of about 15 mph which depends on the weight of the rider.


What’s The Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike?

Piranha pit bike is a smaller version of the dirt bike which is used in pit-racing and local terrain driving in pits. Pit bike is a small on-road and off-road motorcycle. Pit bikes are lightweight and they come in various engine and bike features. Pit bikes provides a moderate amount of speed based on the weight. Best pit bikes could be used within the yard areas or around the muddy pits. Dirt bikes are mainly used for motocross racing purpose. Dirt bikes are highly suitable for riding on rough surfaces and all terrains as they are built with necessary cruising features.

Pit bikes are lightweight and are small compared to dirt bikes. For experts and professional riders dirt bike would be the best choice. For kids and beginners pit bike would be suitable for practicing and can move to dirt bikes in the latter. Used dirt bikes is also preferred by beginners. Pit bikes are smaller and affordable. Dirt bikes are quite expensive and part replacement also costs much. Dirt bikes are faster and used in motocross race because of their speed factor. Pit bikes are not that much faster but a great bike for novice. Dirt bike requires a lot of maintenance whereas pit bike shock absorber needs less maintenance.

Do You Need A License To Ride A Pit Bike?

Best pit bikes are lightweight and small which are easy to handle. Piranha pit bikes gives moderate speed to high speed depending upon the model and its features. Registering and getting a license plate is not quite easy. All piranha pit bikes are not street legal. Some pit bike supermoto racing vehicles are not street legal. Piranha pit bikes are used in the pit holes and the backyard areas for practicing purpose. Getting a license for pitster pro pit bikes of your choice is quite difficult.

Klx 110 Pit Bike Motors specially designed for beginners for practicing purpose. Street legal Pit Bikes are also available in the marketplace. Kids and beginners use automatic Pit Bikes for safety purpose. Electric Pit Bikes are not only easy to use but also energy efficient. Pit Bike Motors are also cheap so replacing Motors is not a big issue. Sdg Pit Bike Free Shipping options are available. Sdg Pit Bike also provides free shipping for Pit Bike Motor and Bike parts. Sdg Pit Bikes are street legal Pit Bikes with automatic transmission. Pit Bike racers mostly prefer Piranha Pit Bike Motor of their own choice be it street legal Pit Bikes are not. Klx 110 Pit Bikes has a fantastic specification and features at an affordable price.

How And Where To Ride Pit Bike?

Piranha pit bikes are designed initially to ride it in and around the pit areas. Crf70 pit bike supermotos are used in racing tracks too. Pit bikes used for dual purposes both on-road and off-road trails. Piranha pit bikes are still preferred more when it comes to riding in the road. Only a few road legal street bikes are available. Street legal pit bike motor comes with different specification. Crf110 pit bike and crf70 pit bike are one of the best bikes for practicing. Pit bike carburettor should be maintained well for riding in the dirt.

Pitster pro pit bike motor is a complete package for riding in pits. Crf110 pit bike, crf70 pit bike and pitster pro pit bike carburettor designed mainly for riding in the holes and are suitable for racing purposes too. Pit bikes could be used on-road with extreme care and maintenance. Pit parks and racing areas would be ideal for practicing or riding without disturbing the people. Pit bike supermoto vehicles used in racing tracks. Automatic pit bikes are also available for kids to practice in the backyard and nearby areas. When you search for pit bike dealers near me, a wide range of dealers could help you buy one. Automatic pit bike motors designed with lesser horsepower for beginners or kids are available in the pit bike shops near me. Search for the pit bike dealers near me to get a clear picture of whether piranha pit bike is suitable for your needs. Piranha pit bikes offers a wide range of models to suit the needs of the customers.

Are Pit Bikes Street Riding Legal?

All bikes are not road legal pit bikes. Registering and getting a license plate for pit bikes is not easy. Dirt bikes are used on-road and off-road. Although pit bikes are of dual purpose, pit bike motors are of various features and upgrades. Pit bike motors are suitable for riding on all terrains. Pit bikes mostly used off-road muddy terrains, potholes and rough surfaces. Piranha pit bikes are street legal which comes with various features which are comfortable and convenient for users. Search for pit bike shops near me and pit bike dealers near me for better guidance if purchasing online is a bit difficult for you.

Piranha pit bikes are street legal and they are used at all terrains. Dirt bikes are the next level of pit bikes. Pitster pro pit bikes are perfect for riding in pits and motocross racing. Pit bike shock absorbers are designed well to provide support and balance. Legal pit bikes are available which you could use it efficiently in roads without any worries. Piranha pit bike supermoto vehicles used in racing tracks which are designed especially for racing. Riding piranha pit bikes on streets are not safe. Piranha pit bikes are legalized to ride on roads but the pit bike motors might get damaged if continuously used on roads.

Why Should Pick Ktm 150 Sx Pit Bike?

Search for pit bike shops near me and pit bike dealers near me and they would suggest you with ktm 150sx pit bike. Ktm 150 sx pit bike is best for kids and beginners. Ktm 150 sx is quite significant for racing these days. Pit bike provides a horsepower of about 50. Specifications include its speed and the outlook of the bike is classic. Pit bike motor is designed perfectly for various models with various features. Ktm 150 sx pit bike supermoto used in racing tracks and pit parks.

Ktm 150sx is not perfect for beginners and kids. A person with good mechanical knowledge should only handle this type of pit bike. Pit bike motors vary with models of ktm. Pit bike motors cannot handle too many uneven surfaces.  Ktm 150 sx are lightweight and balancing the vehicle and shifting of gears is quite easy. Pit bike motor provides proper speed and torque to handle the bike at rough terrains. Pit bike shock with high suspension forks tackles the bumpy roads and the off-road terrains. Pit bike motor is long-lasting and very reliable. Pit bike parts could be replaced quickly and are perfect for beginners. Pit bikes used in rough off-road trails. Pit bike wheels are wide and extensive to handle the rough surfaces.


Pit bikes are fun and easy to ride for pit bike racers. Pit bikes are affordable, convenient, comfortable and adventurous to ride. All pit bikes are not street legal. Choose pit bikes which are best suitable for you with the features that you require. Pit bikes are entirely safe with proper essential riding experience. Pit bike carburettor comes well designed to provide a smooth transmission. Pit bike motor comes with different specifications for you to choose the best and the suitable one. Pit bike racers should ride with all the safety accessories would be the best thing for pit bike racers. Ride a dirt bike like a pro once you can ride a pit bike like a born pit bike racer!

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